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Adults and their hyperboles


Plate17Adults and their hyperboles


Ups and downs of life


What’s there in life if it was just one straight line.

Are we there yet?


The tiring journey to destination is all that life has now become.

Musing 2



You know what we are?
Just atoms from a lightless star!
You know where we live?
On a blue dot, where the winds blew

In this timeless universe,
We exist for periods of a bubble burst,
We survive, thrive and eventually die,
And are cursed to repeat this cycle again,
Knowing more, every time we begin,
And thus this cosmic play goes on,
Helping universe remember,
A new line,
of its long forgotten song.

It’s all bad out there.



The wisdom of the wizened one!

Rise of a hero


We¬†don’t need to wait for a hero to come and save us, we just need to look within ourselves a hero is already smiling at us waiting for us to give him a call.

It takes strength!


No wonder Jim thinks of himself as super human. Who would not if they carried books weighing so heavily on body but barely at all on the mind.

Grandpa’s wisdom


News reporting has now given into “click – bait” culture. Everything that is even remotely sensational makes way into the front pages just to help sell more newspaper subscriptions.

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