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A comic series which tickles, provides ironical and philosophical gratification for creative souls.

Grandpa’s wisdom


News reporting has now given into “click – bait” culture. Everything that is even remotely sensational makes way into the front pages just to help sell more newspaper subscriptions.


It’s just a matter of time!


The wisdom of life, some learn it early some later!

Musings I

In midst of aboriginal beauty.

Its a trap


The eternal desire to fly still remains.



An innocent rebel against the mindless consumerism of today.

Working class hero!

Well, all that work and no play gets Jim Jr. an angry boy!

Nobody knows!

Work hard, get good scores, get into a good college, get a good job, get a good partner that’s the way life is to be lived it seems! Always presented with pre-approved goals to look forward to into the future, to achieve those goals, just a default setting for this human machine.

Food or career?

Ah! We missed the frown on Jim’s mother’s face after that reply.

Aren’t we all geniuses!

I love Facebook quizzes which provide me certification of my genius! If only my boss accepted it and gave me a pay rise 😛

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